Azonprinter is award winning company with a long tradition and experience in development of the latest information technology in the digital industry. We are a global brand with HQ, R&D and manufacturing based in Croatia. With more than 98% of the production being exported, Azonprinter became a strong name on the global market.

Together with our partners all over the World we carry full sales, marketing, logistics, technical and customer support and serve all kind of customers – from small businesses to industrial high-production companies.

We provide full solution: the printing systems, the inks and consumables, software, pallets and accessories, technical and application support and services.


Azon Direct to Garment printers (DTG) adopts digital printing mode that can be used as a substitute of screen printing and transfer printing. They obtain color printing without plate making or repeated color register, while are highly waterproof and wearing resistant.

Azon Mirage

| Printing size Max 600mm x 800mm / 2 or 4 platens |

Azon Tex Pro

| Printing size Max 400 x 600 mm, max thickness 100mm |