Direct to substrate printing is a process that applies images directly to the substrate surface. Before the advent of substrate printing, the desired effect was achieved by printing labels or vinyl decals that were then applied to a substrate.

Process of Direct to Substrate Printing
Direct to substrate printing is done using a large flatbed UV substrate printer capable of applying ink containing acrylic monomers that can then be bonded together to almost any flat substrate. Once the monomers are applied, the substrate is passed through a strong UV light for curing. The curing process polymerizes (binds together) the monomers, which form the desired image and adheres the impression to the substrate material.


Azon DTS

Direct to Substrate inkjet printer that prints on all materials.
– Reproduction quality of max resolution 1440 dpi
– Max printing size 400 x 600 mm
– Print on any material up to 10 cm thickness

Azon DTS is Direct to Substrate inkjet printer that can print directly on: glass, metal, stone, wood, plastics and all other materials and objects with superb adhesion of ink. With Azon DTS you can print beautiful full-color prints on any surface faster and cheaper than with other technologies like thermo transfer or screen printing. It is very easy to use and it has a high-profit return.system.

Azon DTS

| Printing size Max 400mm x 600mm, max thickness 100mm |